STEM Middle Grade Books

Librarians & teachers rejoice! These 22 STEM-focused middle grade books are guaranteed to appeal to the budding scientists, naturalists, mathematicians, engineers, and inventors in your group. You’ll find lots of ideas for kids ages 8-12 years. Check out the collection

New Zealand-Based Gold Rush Books

Crave an escape? Check out these Gold Rush books that feature New Zealand as the main character. The list begins with children’s fiction, but you’ll also discover some outstanding non-fiction & adult fiction possibilities. Authors include Maxine Alterio, Rose Tremain,

Magee Mentor: Charlie Chin

Storyteller. Folklorist. Musician. When it comes to Kam and Lok’s life in Eden, special thanks must be paid to William David “Charlie” Chin. His insights into The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee were invaluable in the draft stage. It was

Magee Mentor: Banjo Paterson

The Bard from Narrambla Born in 1864, Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was a solicitor, author, war correspondent, and composer.  But above all, he was a bush poet. His subjects were the rough and tumble horsemen of his youth; his lands

Magee Mentor: Forrest Dickison

Idaho Artist & Children’s Illustrator Adore the cover of The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee? You are not alone! This wonderful depiction of Jenny & Pandora in the mountains is the work of Forrest Dickison, a full-time illustrator and artist.