Television Series


London Sparrow by Elinor TeeleAt the height of WWI, a plucky Cockney woman decides to dig into the lives of her working class parents and uncovers an Edwardian saga of reckless romance, poverty & abandonment, and women’s liberation.

  • In development with New Colony Film
  • Based on a true story
  • Filmarket Hub UK Online Pitchbox selection
  • Strong female leads
  • Sophisticated, non-linear storytelling

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London Sparrow by Elinor TeeleA brilliant & unusual rural postie becomes a de facto detective for her Central Otago community, solving local mysteries and tracking down the perpetrator of a notorious unsolved murder.

  • Strong intelligent female lead in her 30s
  • Rural stories with humorous & anchored supporting cast
  • Te Waipounamu scenery
  • Green filming practices as a South Island industry standard
  • Potential for local training & internship initiatives with Otago high schools

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