Elinor Teele
Photo Credit: Lindsay Welch

Elinor’s work includes Kirkus-starred books, unique plays, and character-driven films, as well as poems and travel writing.

1/2 Brit and 1/2 Yankee, Elinor currently resides in New England. In 1992, she immigrated with her family to the South Island of New Zealand and lived there for eight years.

In 2000, Elinor took a (very) slow plane to England for doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. She explored the Old English Riddles—lyrical poems in the language of Beowulf. She graduated with a Ph.D. in 2005.


Tower and WaterTo earn her daily bread, Elinor is a freelance copywriter at Squam Creative Services. Over the years, she has helped to create multiple websites and marketing pieces, including a range of higher education projects. She is also a self-taught photographer. Her work has been recognized by:

  • Smithsonian Magazine
  • Northshore Magazine
  • Classic Boat Magazine
  • Red Cedar Review
  • Brink Magazine

Visit her photo gallery at Squam Creative Services.


Elinor is an alumna of Shakespeare & Company’s month-long intensive and acts in the Massachusetts area. She also directs (e.g. Studs Terkel’s American Century). In the past, she has appeared as:

  • Viola in Twelfth Night
  • Isabella in Measure for Measure
  • Trinculo in The Tempest
  • Suzanna in Becky Shaw
  • Meg in Leading Ladies
  • Leroy in The Bad Seed
  • Ruth in Blithe Spirit
  • Maureen in The Beauty Queen of Leenane