Elinor Teele
Photo Credit: Lindsay Welch

Elinor’s work includes Kirkus-starred books, unique plays, and character-driven films, as well as poems and travel writing.

1/2 Brit and 1/2 Yankee, Elinor currently resides in New England. In 1992, she immigrated with her family to the South Island of New Zealand and lived there for eight years.

In 2000, Elinor took a (very) slow plane to England for doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. She explored the Old English Riddles—lyrical poems in the language of Beowulf. She earned her Ph.D. in 2005.


Tower and WaterTo earn her daily bread, Elinor is a freelance copywriter at Squam Creative Services. Over the years, she has helped to create multiple websites and marketing pieces, including a range of higher education projects. She is also a self-taught photographer. Her work has been recognized by:

  • Smithsonian Magazine
  • Northshore Magazine
  • Classic Boat Magazine
  • Red Cedar Review
  • Brink Magazine

Visit her photo gallery at Squam Creative Services.


Elinor is an alumna of Shakespeare & Company’s month-long intensive and acts in the Massachusetts area. She also directs (e.g. Studs Terkel’s American Century). In the past, she has appeared as:

  • Viola in Twelfth Night
  • Isabella in Measure for Measure
  • Trinculo in The Tempest
  • Suzanna in Becky Shaw
  • Meg in Leading Ladies
  • Leroy in The Bad Seed
  • Ruth in Blithe Spirit
  • Maureen in The Beauty Queen of Leenane