Free Word Games

Treasure of Mad Doc Magee Slider


Thinking of creating your own treasure hunt? Baffle brains by hiding your messages in these cool codes. The Polybius Square is over 2,000 years old!

Null Cipher

How to Create a Null Cipher (Download the PDF)

Polybius Square

How to Create a Polybius Square (Download the PDF)

Mechanical Mind of John Coggin Slider


That sneaky verbal acrobat, Boz, is running amok in the games department! If you like weird words, anagrams, and mad libbish silliness, don’t miss these free resources.

Mechanical-Mind-John-Coggin_Word JumbleFill in the Blank (Mad Libs)

Fill in the Blank: Story (Download the PDF)

Fill in the Blank: Word List (Download the PDF)

Word Search

Word Search (Download the PDF)

Word Search Solution (Download the PDF)

Word Jumble

Word Jumble (Download the PDF)

Word Jumble Solution (Download the PDF)

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt (Download the PDF)