Modern Features


Paradise TrackThrown together by a comic adventure in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, a Kiwi bird expert and a Korean hiker fall into love.

  • Budget-friendly Romantic Comedy/Adventure
  • Global appeal to fans of K-drama
  • Diverse leads & small cast
  • Atmospheric locations (Queenstown area)
  • Opportunities for sustainable “Green Filming”

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New World SymphonyIn a musically-charged odyssey, two oddball teenagers forge a friendship during a day in Melbourne, become separated, and must find their way back to each other.

  • Low-budget comic drama
  • Classic “Coming of Age” narrative
  • Unusual musical structure
  • Opportunities for stunning visuals

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Budapest by Elinor TeeleAn Asian American man becomes mixed up in the East vs. West politics of modern Budapest and a plot to kill an old friend.

  • Chinese American lead & Hungarian cast
  • Suspense in the style of The Third Man
  • Atmospheric city locations
  • Limited number of major speaking roles

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