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Treasure of Mad Doc Magee Slider


Classroom Guide & Educational Activity Kit

Created by 5th grade teacher, Melissa Guerrette, M.Ed., NBCT, this educator’s guide & activity kit is chock-full of ideas for classroom work.

Discover CCSS chapter questions, fascinating student discussion topics, and a whole heap of extension activities (e.g. Geography, Anatomy & Biology, Cryptography, Drama, and Persuasive Writing)!

The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee: Guide & Activity Kit (Download the PDF)

Gold Rush Reading List

Want to know more about the world of Jenny Burns? Explore the blog to discover how the Otago Gold Rush and Arrowtown gave birth to Eden.

Love history? Check out this collection of Gold Rush-themed literature for children in middle grades (ages 8-13). The list includes fiction and non-fiction, as well as U.S.-based and international books.

Gold Rush Children’s Books

Anatomical Treasure Hunt

Wondering what’s up with Galen’s Anatomy? Baffled by the bones? There’s method in the madness. Find clues to those mysterious chapter headings.

Galen’s Anatomy Chapter Headings

Mechanical Mind of John Coggin Slider


Classroom Guide & Educational Activity Kit

Created by Marcie Colleen, a K-12 educator, this cool classroom guide includes discussion prompts, writing activities, and STEM-based projects (e.g. build a catapult challenge, rubber band trial, invention infomercial, etc.). An excellent resource for kick-starting interest in creative science.

The Mechanical Mind of John Coggin: Classroom Guide & Activity Kit (Download the PDF)

Author Activities

A list of wacky hands-on activities designed for Elinor’s visits to schools, libraries, and bookshops. Some of them (e.g. LEGO® Build a Bridge, Plays with Words, etc.) are also easy to do at home! Many of them (e.g. student press conference, LEGO® team-building, etc.) allow Elinor to participate remotely via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

Author Activities (Download the PDF)

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