RoseThis poetic comedy follows the fortunes of the Greenwood family over the course of one magical May night. 4M & 3F.

Nick, the patriarch, is attempting to keep the crows from devouring his rare cultivar. Nora, his wife, is trying to ensure he wears trousers. Rose, their daughter and an army veteran, is at war with her precocious son, Will. Will is at odds with her moustachioed partner Peter. Lust, lunacy and a duel or two must ensue before love can conquer all.

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The tragicomedic and slightly surreal story of two very different women. Warning: This play uses strong language and is not appropriate for children. 3F & 1M.

Jayleene Frick isn’t going to take any lip. Especially not from a borderline anorexic named Florence. Especially not in a doctor’s waiting room. But as Jayleene and Florence discover, it’s funny what can come through a door if you’re willing to open it. You just have to be ready to duck.

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