Fisher Jim: Chapter Fourteen

CHAPTER FOURTEEN “Hey, Jim. You sure do stink.” I finished plugging the head of a dead herring on my hook and stuck out my tongue at Benjamin. He was peering over the back of the breakwater, watching me work on

Fisher Jim: Chapter Thirteen

CHAPTER THIRTEEN I tell you what, the Olympic team should be talking to me next time they’re in the market for a gold medal. I covered the ground between the pier and the breakwater in exactly 9.137 seconds. Before Jerry

Fisher Jim: Chapter Twelve

CHAPTER TWELVE Garret’s Cove is named after Mom’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Or was it uncle? Whoever he was, he’s deader than nails. But there are still plenty of live Garrets on the north part of Cape Mary. Granddad likes to say

Fisher Jim: Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER ELEVEN Before I get back to the Coasties, I’d better explain what the geography is like once you’re free of the Fisher. Whitlock Bay is a funny one. Instead of facing east towards Portugal and Spain and countries where

Fisher Jim: Chapter Ten

CHAPTER TEN If you ever get round to visiting the Fisher, I’d recommend a trip to Kramer’s Neck. It’s gotta be the coolest stretch of land and water in the whole of the U.S.A. Sure, on the map it doesn’t

Fisher Jim: Chapter Nine

CHAPTER NINE “Permission to come aboard?” Pepper always asks that before she gets into someone else’s boat. “Permission granted.” Pepper plunked a Danforth anchor on the deck and a box on the forward seat. While she did what Da should

Fisher Jim: Chapter Eight

CHAPTER EIGHT “Really eaten by hogs? You mean chewed up and swallowed?” “That’s exactly what I mean,” Pepper switched over to her storytelling voice. “You see, three-hundred-odd years ago, there was a man named Smith living on the island. And

Fisher Jim: Chapter Seven

CHAPTER SEVEN “Hey, Jim! Like the new Lady?” There was only one shout on the Fisher that sounded like music. It was Pepper McGill. Pepper McGill is the most famous woman in the state. Since hitting thirteen, she’s been the

Fisher Jim: Chapter Six

CHAPTER SIX There’s a certain rhythm to living near the ocean that most people don’t understand. You see it a lot with city slicks who come up for vacations. They push against everything. In the traffic, on the causeway, down

Fisher Jim: Chapter Five

CHAPTER FIVE I’ll tell you true, one of the funniest things I’ll ever hope to witness was the sight of Barrington Reds bowled over in his catboat. All you could see were the bottom of his pants. The sail was