A Free Chapter Book for Kids Who Love the Ocean

Meet Jim Tucker, a boy with a knack for fishing and a gift for death-defying adventures!

Fisher Jim CoverJim Tucker is having a tough year. His parents have decided to separate. He has flunked most of his school tests. And the less said about the gummed-up sewage pipe, the better.

When his Dad says that there will be no fishing tomorrow, his collapse is complete.

But Jim has a cunning plan. Sure, it may involve “borrowing” the family skiff, playing chicken with the Harbormaster, and racing the Coast Guard, but these are trivial challenges for a boy born and bred on the Fisher River.

As Jim takes his boat down the Great Marsh, he begins to develop a strategy about how to catch the biggest prize of all—his Mom. If he can lure her back home, then life is bound to improve.

Unfortunately, the weather has other ideas. Any fisherman can conquer a clogged fuel filter, vicious seagulls, and nosy adults, but what will he do about the storm?

Why Kids Ages 8-12 Will Love Fisher Jim

Not every kid loves to read. But every kid in my family loves to fish. That’s how Fisher Jim came to be.

I wrote this free eBook for reluctant readers, the kind of boy or girl who prefers to be doing rather than sitting. Especially if it involves messing about in boats.

Here’s why it might appeal to the wordphobics in your group:Rita Anne by Spike Wademan

  • It’s a humorous adventure for kids ages 8-12 and designed for reading aloud. I’ll be posting two chapters every Wednesday, August 14 to October 23, 2019.
  • Chapters are short & sweet. If you missed a couple, see the Chapter List in the sidebar or you can CHECK HERE.
  • Jim tells the story from a 10-year-old point of view, so the vocabulary isn’t super-advanced. There are no swear words, but Jim is feisty—be prepared for terms like “effing.”
  • Each chapter is embellished with exciting illustrations from Spike Wademan.
  • The story involves boats, fishing, the ocean, and lobstering.

And it’s local.

Massachusetts kids will recognize Essex and Gloucester landmarks in Jim’s journey. I’ve changed some of the names for fictional purposes, but the geography is the same!

How This Online Chapter Book Works

New Chapters Appearing from August 14 – October 23, 2019

Just like serials of the 1950s, this eBook will appear in installments. Every Wednesday, from August 14 – October 23, I’ll be posting two chapters on my website. See the Chapter List button in the sidebar for links or CHECK HERE. I’ll also provide notifications on Facebook. There are 21 chapters in all.

Catboat by Spike Wademan

READING IT: You can read this free eBook in the online version or you can use the PDF link at the bottom of each chapter to print a copy.

EXPLORING IT: Cape Ann is one of New England’s most beautiful and precious resources. In the sidebar and footer, I’ve included links to local organizations that celebrate it. Choose your own adventure!

ENJOYING IT: You can ask me questions about the story or the Tucker family via my contact form. Please tell Spike Wademan how much you appreciate his drawings!

Hearing More from Jim Tucker

Finally, if you love Jim Tucker as much as I do, please write to HarperCollins Books: Contact.

HarperCollins Publishers
195 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

HarperCollins was good enough to publish my first two books: The Mechanical Mind of John Coggin and The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee.

With enough feedback from kids, they may decide to commission a second book in the series. I have plenty of crazy adventures planned for Jim!

Maverick by Spike Wademan

Fisher Jim – Free eBook for Kids