Fisher Jim: Chapter Twenty-One

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE I gotta confess, Granddad has a great set of lungs. Even with manky chewing gum stuffed in both ears, I could hear him bellow halfway cross the water. I tugged a sticky wad from my left ear. “James

Fisher Jim: Chapter Twenty

CHAPTER TWENTY Then I got a real good look at the thing and realized what a numb-nut I’d been. It was only the light from the Bass Lighthouse. Bass Lighthouse is the one that sticks out on a rock as

Fisher Jim: Chapter Nineteen

  CHAPTER NINETEEN To tell you true, I was feeling awful low at that moment. I figured I was either gonna die of hunger or ram into Iceland, whichever came first. All my plans for Mom had been smashed with

Fisher Jim: Chapter Eighteen

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN A Newfoundland wind hit me broadsides as I slammed down the lid of my tackle box and hauled up the anchor. I knew there was gonna be sixteen different kinds of hullaballoo to pay when I got back,

Fisher Jim: Chapter Seventeen

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Stripers are hunters. If you’re sitting there on a calm day and you see the water start to get roiled, put on your polarized sunglasses. Because I’ll bet you fifty cents that you’ll see stripers herding baitfish to

Fisher Jim: Chapter Fifteen

CHAPTER FIFTEEN Of all the hooks in all the bays, this bird had to bite into mine. Have you ever had a seagull on a striper line before? I wouldn’t rec-o-mmend it. It’s about as much fun as catching a

Fisher Jim: Chapter Fourteen

CHAPTER FOURTEEN “Hey, Jim. You sure do stink.” I finished plugging the head of a dead herring on my hook and stuck out my tongue at Benjamin. He was peering over the back of the breakwater, watching me work on

Fisher Jim: Chapter Thirteen

CHAPTER THIRTEEN I tell you what, the Olympic team should be talking to me next time they’re in the market for a gold medal. I covered the ground between the pier and the breakwater in exactly 9.137 seconds. Before Jerry

Fisher Jim: Chapter Twelve

CHAPTER TWELVE Garret’s Cove is named after Mom’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Or was it uncle? Whoever he was, he’s deader than nails. But there are still plenty of live Garrets on the north part of Cape Mary. Granddad likes to say