Country Song Cowgirl for Southern Romance

Must love driving in my old pickup truck down to the river to fish and drink PBR while listening to the classics of George Strait. Should be comfortable wearing cowboy boots, Crimson Tide t-shirts and cut-off shorts that allow me to peek at the butterfly tattoo on your tailbone. Bonus points if you’re willing to stand barefoot on the toolbox of my Daddy’s tractor and shake your jiggly bits for me.

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Wednesday, June 13

Still recovering from a bad reunion with Chinese food and the ruin of my last clean work shirt. Had no quarters for the machine, so borrowed my roommate’s favorite Elie Tahari cashmere sweater and paired it with a cotton peasant skirt that my sister gave me after her pregnancy.

Received a huge number of compliments at the office about the sweater. Was considering borrowing it permanently until I noticed that the loose wire from my bra had torn a gaping hole under the armpit. Dredged up lessons from Girl Scout camp to make emergency repairs using a nail file and rubber bands. Walked out with my head held high and my replica Gucci strategically slung over my shoulder.

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