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Walden Pond Press/HarperCollins Educational Activity Kit

Created by a K-12 educator, this cool classroom guide includes discussion prompts, writing activities, and STEM-based projects (e.g. build a catapult challenge, rubber band trial, invention infomercial, etc.). An excellent resource for kick-starting interest in creative science.

Walden Pond Press/HarperCollins Educational Activity Kit (Download the PDF)

Author Activities

A list of wacky hands-on activities designed for Elinor’s visits to schools, libraries, and bookshops. Some of them (e.g. LEGO® Build a Bridge, Plays with Words, etc.) are easy to do at home! Many of them (e.g. student press conference, LEGO® team-building, etc.) allow Elinor to participate remotely via Skype.

Author Activities (Download the PDF)

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