Elinor Teele
Photo Credit: Lindsay Welch

Elinor Teele loves talking to kids (of all ages) in-person and via Skype. She has presented at schools, libraries, and bookshops.

Visits can include 50-minute talks, classroom workshops, author readings, Q&As, and more!

Be sure to check out her Activities & Projects section, which includes educational kits created by K-12 teachers.

Many activities align with Common Core & state-mandated standards and can be incorporated into Elinor’s visit.

  • You can view Elinor’s upcoming schedule in Events.
  • Please feel free to contact her with questions and requests. She’ll be happy to send you an Author Visit Guide with answers to many of your logistical questions.
  • Elinor currently lives in New England.


Rindge Avenue Upper School, Cambridge MA

I could not recommend Elinor Teele highly enough if you are looking for an author visit for your school. I have a lot of author-hosting experience at this point, so believe me when I say that few have their presentation as well-planned and targeted as she did.

This was way more than “let me tell you about my book and my life as an author”—she taught a complete storytelling lesson to a roomful of giddy last-period-on-Friday 6th graders with the skill of a professional teacher.

Samantha Musher, Library Technology Specialist